Hector and Lodi Presbyterian Churches Seeks Interim Pastor


Hector and Lodi Presbyterian Churches

Interim Pastor Position Description



The Hector and Lodi Presbyterian Churches are currently seeking an Interim Pastor.  The churches are located on the east side of Seneca Lake and have a combined membership of about 125 with Hector Presbyterian Church being the larger of the two congregations.  Both churches are concerned and active in a number of areas related to justice for both local and global issues.  Visit www. Hectorpres.org  for more detail.


The Interim Pastor will be responsible for:


·       Planning and presiding at all Sunday worship services (one at each church), weddings, and funerals.  This planning will include writing the liturgy, prayers, sermon, and bulletin;

·       Offering pastoral care including conducting hospital visits, making bereavement visits, bringing communion to shut-ins;

·       Moderating the Session meetings of each church;

·       Assisting the congregations through the pastor nominating process including the completion of the MIF.

·       Overseeing other administration activities including financial review and communication within and outside of the congregations.


The salary is commensurate with Presbytery guidelines.  A manse is available for housing directly across from Hector Presbyterian Church. 


For further information contact:  Committee on Ministry Co-Chairperson Ellen Donnan  ecarroll8@rochester.rr.com or call 315- 521-2593.



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