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… Then the angel showed me the river
of the water of life
… flowing from the throne of God …
Revelation 22:1

A day of innovative practices!

Breaking Out of Our Boundaries
Connecting social media streams to the river of the water of life,
and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

January 20, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
(Snow date February 3)

Princeton Theological Seminary
64 Mercer Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08540

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Clear Waters: Best Practices and What’s Working

Join the discussion as we share best and newest practices in ministry. While the focus will begin with how we’re using technology to supplement and enhance the practice of ministry, no topic is off-limits. Bring your best ideas about stewardship, new worshipping communities, outreach, communications, publicity, Christian Education, advocacy, innovations for building use, congregations in transitions and share with your colleagues across presbyteries. We will start the conversation during this break-out session and then will provide an opportunity for more discussion and sharing of ideas using a designated Facebook Page.

Generational Communication: Challenges and Solutions

Social media and online tools allow churches to reach into the community in an increasingly powerful way, building connections and meeting needs. In this session we’ll explore effective ways to use social media, e-newsletters, Facebook Live, and other online tools to do ministry. Different generations communicate in different ways and understanding these differences can help you communicate more effectively. What are some specific strategies that your church can use? Who needs to be involved? What specific skillsets are needed? What tools and platforms should you consider? How do you get started? We’ll look at specific case studies of how churches are using social media, and every participant will have the opportunity to look at their own church’s needs and opportunities for online communication and begin making a plan.

Sustainable Mission: Offering What the Community Needs

As congregations seek to follow the Spirit they find themselves in new, uncharted territory, often facing diminishing human, structural and financial resources. Join us as we discuss what we are learning about how God may be equipping communities of faith to do real and lasting good.

Troubled Waters: Race Relations and Peacemaking

This multi-mode workshop will offer techniques and resources for exploring Race Relations – in both diverse and predominantly white congregations. We will:  Briefly explore the history of Slavery and Race relations in Princeton and the Seminary, the Supreme Court decisions that ruled Asians ineligible for US citizenship.  Introduce a variety of resources that can help white people gradually discern the effects of white privilege, systemic racism and paths to healing and peacemaking.  Participate in interactive exercises that participants can take away and use with their congregations.

Also available after lunch is another conversation called #metoo.
#Metoo: A Starting Place for Conversation

We are envisioning this gathering as a safe place for women and men who are looking for the community implied in the hashtag #metoo. Our prayer is that as
we use this short time together to share and support one another, this would be just the beginning. If you feel called to be part of this conversation, if you feel ready and able to hold the wounded in the love of the Spirit, if you feel led to work toward substantive change, this gathering is for you.

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