Flemington Church Seeks Transitional Pastor


Flemington Presbyterian Church
Transitional Pastoral Leadership Description

Flemington Presbyterian Church has recently come through and is emerging from a season of transition. With our Transitional Pastor and a thorough mission study, which we call the Butterfly Project, we have balanced the budget, set specific goals, and are living into a staffing model that positions us for growth and have elected our PNC. Our transitional pastor will be leaving us for a new call and we need a temporary pastor to preach, guide our committees and lead our congregation so that the PNC can have the time they need to search for the right Pastor for Flemington Presbyterian Church.


The Pastor will be responsible to:
• Moderate the Session and Congregational Meetings
• Serve as Head of Staff
• Lead worship and preach at regular Sunday services
• Arrange for substitute preachers on any Sundays not present
• Call on sick and homebound
• Provide administrative leadership
• Officiate at weddings, funerals and baptisms
• Lead new member classes
• Work with committee chairs
• Represent the church in dealing with outside organizations
• Pray for the church
• Work with Session and congregation on transitional issues and continue our healing
• Work with Session and transitioning Staff
• During the length of this agreement, the Pastor will be accountable to the Presbytery of New Brunswick through its Committee on Ministry and the Personnel Committee of FPC.

The Pastor is employed on a full-time basis and will be compensated upon experience and negotiated hours.


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