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Christ Presbyterian Church

The Temporary Pastor will be responsible to:
*Provide worship bulletin content to session or write worship bulletin.
*Coordinate with music team to choose Hymns and Praise music for worship.
*If approved by the session, lead Christian Holidays services, ie Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve.
* Lead worship and preach at regular Sunday services, communion once a month
* Maintain, normally, office hours, min. 2 hrs. one day a week. (within weekly hours covenanted)
* Provide Pastoral Services for counseling, visiting the sick and elderly (within the weekly hours covenanted)
* Attend and assist in providing programs at the Lenten suppers (within the weekly hours covenanted).
* Moderate the session and congregational meetings. Establish agenda for session and congregation meetings.
*Attend, for at least 1 hour, Ginny’s Pantry on the 2nd Thursday of every Month.
* Provide a yearly report of progress under this covenant to the session and Committee on Ministry
* Lead the church in the transitional process and pray for the church.
* Be available for funerals and weddings
*Represent the church at meetings of Presbytery


The session will be responsible to:
* Support the pastor in his/her ministry
* Provide regular financial compensation according to the terms outlined below
* Provide yearly feedback to the Committee on Ministry concerning the temporary pastoral relationship
* negotiate goals for the covenant period
* Provide a Session member to represent the church at meetings of the Presbytery.
This agreement may be terminated by either party (session or Temporary Pastor) upon 60 days written notice. This agreement may be extended upon notice to, and the approval of, the Presbytery.

The Temporary Pastor is employed on a part-time basis, serving approximately 15 hours per week and will be compensated as follows:
Use of the manse, valued at $ 1,787.50 per month.
Paid Study Leave: Two weeks, including 2 Sundays
Paid Vacation: Four weeks, including 4 Sundays.
In the event that the Temporary Pastor is unable to lead worship on a particular Sunday beyond those provided for by vacation and study leave, his/her monthly compensation will be reduced by $150/Sunday. Except in the case of illness, he/she will give the session at least one month’s notice of his/her intended absence.

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