“The landscape of youth ministry is changing.
Anyone who’s been in youth ministry a while shares some ongoing frustrations: Families are busy. Programs are not attended like they once were. It’s not clear that programs even work. What you have observed at your church is backed up by cross-denominational research: programs don’t build faith. Relationships build faith. For a long time we thought that relationships would form naturally through the programs. We see that it doesn’t happen often enough. Meanwhile, families slip away.
What if we worked together to go beyond programs as the vessel for relationships to a place where deep, sustainable, faith-nurturing relationships are the primary vessel for faith formation? It is difficult to do this alone, but when we come together as a network of faith formation leaders sharing our passions new innovations emerge. This is KNOWN: The Youth Ministry Change Project.
Join Tom Schwolert, Trainer & Coach with Vibrant Faith, for two interactive days of exploring recent research on relationships with youth, discovering the implications of an intentional relationship approach and developing a plan for your faith community that leads to transformation.”

Cost: $170 (includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast & lunch, one night stay & a renowned speaker bringing world class training).

Please read: This event is subsidized because we believe in youth ministry and want you to be successful in what you do! Scholarships are available. Please do not hesitate to call!

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