March 8, 2016 Stated Meeting Summary of Actions


Actions Taken at the 8 March 2016
meeting of the Presbytery of New Brunswick

1. The presbytery elected David Redman to a first term on the Committee on Preparation for Ministry in the class of 2018; and Joyce MacKichan Walker to a term on the Permanent Judicial Commission in the class of 2020; and Nidia Fernandez to a term on the Committee on Representation in the class of 2017.

2. Approved the contract between Christ Presbyterian Church and the reverend Greg Albert for part-time pastoral services.

3. Enrolled as candidates for ordination as teaching elders to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament Taylor Mills of the First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square, Michelle Vecchio-Lyzenga of Westminster Presbyterian Church, and Jessica Rigel of Pennington Presbyterian Church.

4. Sustained the examination for ordination of Megan Cullip and validated her ministry as chaplain at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, and appointed an administrative commission to ordain her.

5. Concurred with the request of the Flemington Presbyterian Church to dissolve the pastoral relationship between them and the reverend Kathryn Mustaro.

D. Paul La Montagne
Stated Clerk


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