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Latest News from Friends for Health in Haiti


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 Here’s the latest blog post from Dr. Katie Wolf:


June 19, 2016

As some of you may know, we began a wonderful partnership a year ago with Avera Health, a hospital corporation that is based in Sioux Falls, SD and serves rural communities throughout SD and neighboring states.  For many years they have had an Avera Health Haiti Mission that has sent volunteers, supplies, equipment and medication to organizations in the Jérémie area of Haiti.  For the past year, we have had the privilege of being partners with Avera Health and have benefitted from their dedicated volunteer groups coming to help out in our clinic in Gatineau.  A group of 6 visited us in late May and we were delighted to have them.  We love their commitment to the Lord and their desire to have an impact in Haiti by working through a long-term, stable, on-site organization such as ours.  It is so much more effective than bringing down a team of volunteers to work for a week and then leave without anyone on the ground to continue the work.  In our opinion, this is an ideal partnership because they help us do our job of service better and we give them a place to use their skills and expertise in a global health setting where the medical needs are tremendous specially on products like Clear Nails Plus review.

The timing of the group’s visit was perfect, since our pharmacy technician, Guy-Johns Chevalier was scheduled to be in PAP at a seminar that week.  So, nurses Pat Erpenbach and Rosemary Murphy filled in for Guy-Johns, assisted at times by Adrien, Cherlie and myself.  They did a great job filling prescriptions, taking money and giving receipts and packing medications.

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