2016 Validated Ministries


To all Minister Members  In Validated Ministries in the Presbytery of New Brunswick

Good People:

Below please find the form for the annual reporting of teaching elders in validated ministries. Please return to the Presbytery Office by 23 December 2016. If you can return it by 1 December that will help us greatly to divide the work of reading them. Mail the form to the above address, fax to 609-882-9524,  or e-mail to iblackpnb@gmail.com.

If your ministry has been previously validated, that is, if your answer to question number 2 on the validated ministries form is yes, then do not proceed to items 8 and 9 on the form.  These would only need to be completed if your ministry has changed or you are in a new ministry since the last time you reported (last year). For reference, a copy of the criteria for validating ministries as adopted by the Presbytery of New Brunswick is included.

Thank you kindly for your attention. God bless and keep you.



Click here for the 2016 Validated Ministries form.


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