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Summary of Actions Taken at the 13 January 2015 Presbytery Meeting


This is a report preliminary to the completion of the minutes of the 13 January 2015 stated meeting of the Presbytery of New Brunswick.

1. The presbytery celebrated the Lord’s Supper with worship, and elected and installed David Hallgren as Moderator of the presbytery.

2. Approved an administrative commission to install Linda Owens as the Associate Pastor of Bound Brook Presbyterian Church.

3. Enrolled the ruling elder members of the Administrative Commission and the Transition Task Force as members of Presbytery for the duration of their service.

4. Elected the members of the Administrative Commission to serve as the Trustees of the Presbytery.

5. Approved the call of the Princeton Korean Presbyterian Church to the reverend Steven Kim to serve the congregation in the capacity of a minister of another denomination serving one of our congregations in a temporary capacity. Reverend Kim will be enrolled in the presbytery for the term of his service. Reverend Kim will also be preparing to be received as a minister member of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Committee on ministry will oversee his completion of the necessary requirements.

6. Learned that the Leadership Transition Team has completed appointing a Transition Task Force and produced a job description for an executive director.

7. Adopted a budget for the Presbytery for 2015, based upon a per capita of $30.00 with an expected deficit of approximately $40,000. The deficit could show a wide swing depending upon what we choose to do about an executive director.

8. Examined inquirer Caroline Newman of Pennington Presbyterian Church and enrolled her as a candidate for ordination as a teaching elder to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament.

8. The presbytery adjourned.


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