Presbytery of New Brunswick Vision & Mission Statement 2014


Presbytery of New Brunswick 2014
Vision Statement
A bold community of congregations and other ministries engaging in the transforming work of Jesus Christ in a dynamic world.

Interpretive Statement: We imagine members of congregations and specialized ministries deeply connected and emboldened by God to live courageously in turbulent times. The people living and working within the Presbytery of New Brunswick leverage the strengths of each other and are guided by the Holy Spirit in a range of ministries that transform the lives of others and in the process ourselves.
Mission Statement
• Nurture and equip leaders and congregations, challenging them to take Spirit-led risks as we faithfully and continually discern our call.
Interpretive Statement: Leadership development is a high priority. Our leaders need to be well informed and in touch with their sense of call in order to lead creatively and take the risks required in a changing world.
• Identify and disciple emerging leaders & emerging communities of faith.
Interpretive Statement: We embrace an attitude of seeking those individuals and communities God is calling next and help them develop their skills and encourage their imagination.
• Become a spiritual community for each other as we connect all clergy and congregations in mission, witness, worship, and prayer.
Interpretive Statement: Arranging connections through the Presbytery office, worship at Presbytery meetings, committee meetings, web links, email, social media, and small study and prayer groups are some of the ways that help our members, congregations, and colleague groups belong, connect, encourage each other, and grow in faith. Our rich and diverse membership includes ruling elders, pastors, those serving in specialized ministries, and retired clergy.
• Encourage congregations, members, and their ministries to partner in the work and witness of the broader Church.
Interpretive Statement: The Presbytery exists wherever two or three are gathered in God’s name, therefore we encourage collaborative work ranging from local ministries like Vacation Bible School to distant opportunities like mission projects in Haiti.
• Live out ordination vows as we serve with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.
Interpretive Statement: Called teaching and ruling elders vow to share their gifts as they step up to the transforming work of Jesus Christ. Our changing culture requires that we raise the bar; it takes body, mind, creativity, and passion.
• Embrace the permission-giving spirit of our polity.
Interpretive Statement: The Presbytery follows the Book of Order as it fulfills responsibilities to both our congregations and the PC (USA). The new Form of Government, with its emphasis on dialogue and partnership, frees groups from restrictive structures and outdated rules.


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