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Mission Coordination & Social Witness Committee Minutes of August 5, 2013


Opening Prayer
Sandwich Buffet
Approval of Minutes

Lorraine Jackson X
Sung Yoo ex
David McAlpin ex
Jim Horn X
Joan Tomlin X
Dick Morgan a
Virginia Wolf ex
Michael Livingston X
Bill Wakefield ex
Sharon Culley ex
George Self X
Jan Everett (ITF) X
Ted Settle X
X=present a=absent e=excused g=guest

When the meeting first began, there was no quorum. However, Lorraine arrived late, and it was agreed that we had a quorum and could then move to discuss immediate concerns, including the 2014 budget .

• Strategic Vision Team PNB – Jim brought us up to date on their meeting concerning the Mission Partnership Network – including Crisis Ministry and validation proposal. MOVED: to accept the proposal for validation, seconded, following discussion, the motion was defeated.
• It was agreed that we request a current list from Ilene Black of mission programs/projects currently validated.
• We will also request from Ilene Black detailed financial report of Unified/General Mission Giving for PNB.
• George brought up some questions regarding our relationship with Ghana. We will ask the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of New Brunswick what are the terms of the formal relationship between PNB and the West Akyem Presbytery.

New Business –

• Ted Settle mentioned that there is a peacemaking trip (Mosaic of Peace) planned for 12 days in April-May to Israel/Palestine. More plans and details will be forthcoming.
• Ted then proposed the attached – Overture to the 2014 GA, June 14-21, Detroit – he moved and it was seconded that we recommend the Overture be passed by our Presbytery in hopes that it could then be presented to the General Assembly in 2014. Following discussion, the motion PASSED.
• The Budget for 2014 was discussed. The following were proposed and approved by those present (no other proposals were presented): $3,000 for Ghana, $1,400 for ITF, $1,400 emerging needs for a TOTAL $5,800.
• Big Tent – George reminded everyone of the recommend book Toxic Charities Robert Lupkin – members were encouraged to attend, but thus far no one indicated that they could attend.

Next meeting: TBD – (Monday, October 7 at 5:30PM)


Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine Jackson, Secretary


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